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Innovate Auto Finance, Loan Portfolio Servicing and Caprock Auto Remarketing are The Innovate Companies. We provide an end to end servicing platform for consumer loans and leases. Our specialty is the non-prime automobile market. Through our three branded business lines, we offer bulk portfolio purchases, auto loan and lease servicing, vehicle remarketing and consulting services. We provide loan and lease originations/acquisitions, credit evaluation, underwriting and funding. Servicing includes a fully automated customer contact solution which supports customer care, collections, invoicing, payment processing, custodian, title administration, recovery and remarketing on both a primary and backup basis. We assist investors, banks, credit unions, finance companies and auto dealerships across the United States. Since our foundation in 2009 our mission has been to generate returns for our investors, efficiently servicing client portfolios and remarketing collateral, while maintaining expected levels of client service and customer satisfaction. Contact us to learn more on how we can help your business.

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